Write away try-it

Write Away Try-it [retired]

Introduced in 1999, retired in 2011.

Please add ways to customize the Write Away Try-it activities here, and include useful resources below.

As with all older Brownie Try-its, scouts need to complete 4 activities to earn the badge.

  • My daughter worked on this on her own (with parent help) as a summer activity to keep up her writing over the summer.

All About MeEdit

Possible writing prompts:

  • Who are you? What information would you tell someone who didn't know you?
  • What do you like to do? What is something you like to do and how do you do it?
  • Tell a story about something you did. Did you like it or not? Why?
  • What makes you happy? "The best part about being me is... because..."

Support your ideas with details, facts, and opinions.

Read A StoryEdit

Group GigglesEdit

Become a ReporterEdit

  • My daughter did this for a school assignment in second grade - she chose to interview our next door neighbor, who had lived several places around the world when her husband was in the U.S. Foreign Service.

Write a LetterEdit

  • My daughter has been writing annual letters to her preschool teacher telling her about what she learned each year.

Like It or NotEdit

Additional ResourcesEdit