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The Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden Journey is part of the "It's Your World—Change It!" series.

In “Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden,” girls are introduced to the Girl Scout Law. During the story, girls meet three friends, Cora, Campbell, and Chandra. Cora, Campbell, and Chandra take the girls on a trip to a secret garden and find a beautiful flower garden. Girls learn about the law more in depth in the journey, and begin to understand the values of the Girl Scout Law.

During the journey, girls earn three separate awards that are then placed on a larger rectangle patch to display on their tunic or vest. The journey awards are sold as a complete set. Below is listed the three separate awards, and how they are earned.

The Journey[]

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Watering Can Award[]

This first award represents girls being “responsible for what I say and do.” Girls earn the award by caring for their mini-garden and beginning to understand how the Promise and Law play out in their daily lives. The watering can, a source of nourishment in a garden, also serves as a dual symbol: The girls nurture their mini-garden while they nurture themselves by learning the Promise and Law. (Session 3 is an ideal time for girls to earn this award.)

Golden Honey Bee Award[]

This second award represents taking action—in a big or small way—to make the world a better place. The award is named for Honey, the bee who leads the girls of the garden story to Amazing Daisy and the Daisy Flower Garden. Girls earn the award as they complete a planting or growing project in their community (probably around Session 5).

Amazing Daisy Award[]

This final award represents knowing—and living—the Promise and Law, just like Amazing Daisy. (Girls receive it at a closing garden party celebration as they say the Promise and Law.)

The first two awards show the girls their progress and accomplishment along the journey, which culminates in the more important end goal: making the Promise to live by the Law. The sequence noted here for awards is just a suggestion. The experience you tailor with girls and their families will drive the awards sequence for your group of Daisies.

In this Journey, you will:[]

  1. Explore the world of gardening—plant a mini-garden, learn about composting, find out how ladybugs help flowers, take a field trip to a public garden, or talk to a beekeeper.
  2. Plan a Take Action project, such as planting vegetables in a community garden or flowers at a nearby hospital.
  3. Earn 3 leadership awards: Watering Can Award, Golden Honey Bee Award, and Amazing Daisy Award. If you're a Girl Scout volunteer, go to Volunteer Toolkit for complete meeting plans and activity instructions.  

Learn more about how to earn your Take Action Award — and help your community — with the Girl Scout Take Action Guide

Fun Facts[]

In this journey for kindergarteners and first-graders, a favorite pastime-gardening- meets the Girl Scout Law. The result is a storybook world of flowers and little girls who, together, do great things. Girl Scout Daisies will especially enjoy meeting the colorful, global characters who teach them to live the Girl Scout Law. The adult "how-to" guide offers Garden Story Time tips, key ideas for garden projects, and all the Girl Scout history and traditions needed for an adventure starring Amazing Daisy, a new flower friend for Girl Scout Daisies.