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The Money Counts Daisy leaf is part of the "Financial Literacy" badge set.

Activity #1: Understand Different Kinds of Coins[]

Leaf Connection: Step 1—Understand the different kinds of coins Time Allotment: 20 minutes Materials Needed:

  • Assorted coins (pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters)
  • Posters or pictures of the coins with the names.


  1. Hide coins throughout meeting space prior to girls’ arrival.
  2. Once all members of the troop have arrived, have girls search for the most money (coins)

they can find in five minutes.

  1. After five minutes, ask the girls to come back together and begin sorting the coins that they

found into four different groups.

  1. Have the girls present what they found to the group. Ask one girl to volunteer to

explain how she sorted her coins.

  1. Have the girls sort their coins by color. Continue to sort using different categories (such as, big vs. small, which way the heads face, smooth or bumpy edges).
  2. At the end of the activity, review each coin with its name.

Activity #2: Know More about Paper Money[]

Leaf Connection: Step 1—Understand different kinds of coins and Step 2—Know more about paper money Time Allotment: 20 minutes Materials Needed:

  • Coin Equivalents Worksheet (one per girl)
  • Four quarters, 10 dimes, and 20 nickels for each girl*

Steps: 1. Discuss with girls the value of the different coins and visually show how certain coins

can add up to equal one separate coin.

  1. Explain to the girls that they will be figuring out how many quarters, dimes, and nickels

are needed to make a dollar. Provide each girl the worksheet and a set of coins.

  1. Challenge girls to figure out how many coins you need to have $5.00 in quarters, nickels, etc.

*Note: If needed, request families to send coinage needed for the activity with girl. Plan to have some extra for those who forgot.

Activity #3: Find out the Cost of Fun[]

Petal Connection: Step 3—Find out the cost of fun Time Allotment: 20 minutes Materials Needed:

  • Coloring utensils
  • Paper


  1. Ask the girls to list things they do that cost money, such as go to a movie or eat at a


  1. Now ask the girls to each think of one thing they like to do that costs money. Have each

girl draw her “cost activity” on a sheet of paper.

  1. Have each girl share her drawing and activity with the group.
  2. Now challenge girls to think of activities they like to do that don’t cost money, such as play

at the park or go to the library.

  1. Ask girls to brainstorm activities they would like to do as a troop that cost money and

activities that are free. For activities that cost money, help girls understand how much

those activities would cost to do together.

  1. Optional: Have girls pick one activity from each list that they can do together as a troop this