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Media is part of "It's Your Story-Tell It" journey.

On this Journey, Girl Scout Cadettes will have the opportunity to earn three awards that move them up the ranks of Girl Scout Leadership! Along this journey she will be learning about meditation, focusing on her interests and desires to make a positive change in the way she uses media in her own lives.

In this Journey, you will: Edit

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    Journey: MEdia

    Explore media and find out how to reshape negative media messages into more positive ones—invite a TV show producer to talk about what influences her work, organize a movie night and discuss the film’s messages, or write a rap song or TV script. 
  2. Plan a Take Action Project that encourages positive messages in media—rewrite a song that has hurtful lyrics about women, create a blog that reviews how movies and TV shows depict girls, or start a Twitter campaign responding to stereotypes you see in the media.
  3. Earn 3 awards: Monitor Award, Influence Award, and Cultivate Award. If you're a Girl Scout volunteer, go to Volunteer Toolkit for complete meeting plans and activity instructions.

Learn more about how to earn your Take Action Award — and help your community — with the Girl Scout Take Action Guide. Then use your leadership skills to earn your Silver Award, the highest award for Girl Scout Cadettes!

Leadership Journey AwardsEdit

  1. Monitor Award
  2. Influence Award
  3. Cultivate Award
  4. LiA (Leader in Action) 


  1. Night Owl 
  2. Animal Helpers 
  3. Field Day 
  4. Entrepreneur 
  5. Netiquette 
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