Her story try-it

Her Story Try-it [retired]

This Try-it was introduced in 1989 and retired in 2011.

An issue is a subject or topic that people may have strong feelings about and want to discuss. How can you learn about issues important to women and girls?

As with all older Brownie Try-its, scouts need to complete 4 activities to earn the badge.

A Girl Scout's Story Edit

Read about Juliette Gordon Low in your Brownie Girl Scout Handbook. Or check out her story online at: [http:\\]. Then, try to find a woman in your community who was a Girl Scout a long time ago. Invite her to speak to your troop, if possible, or interview her. Find out about her memories of being a Girl Scout.

Talk to Women Edit

Ask five women to tell you about what they believe are the three most important issues facing women today. Make sure you ask women of different ages, from teenagers to women over 70 years old. Include at least two women from a race or ethnic group different from your own. How are the answers similar or different? Share what you learned with the other girls in your troop or group.

Create Tales Edit

What are some of your favorite fables and fairy tales? Would these stories be different if they were written today? How would the girls and women in the story be different? Or would they be the same? Change a story to show how today's girls and women would think, feel, or act. Share your story with others. Write it down, draw a comic strip, or act it out.

A Ceremony to Honor Women Edit

Plan a simple ceremony to honor women. You can recite poems written by girls or women. Or you might like to perform a skit or make up a song about a woman in history or in your community. If you can play an instrument, play along to the song. Invite women who are special to you to attend the ceremony.

Help in Your Community Edit

Service is an important part of being a Girl Scout. Look at the section on service on page 92 of your handbook. Would you like to do a service project that helps women and children? Choose a service project you would like to do, with your leader's assistance, from the following list:

  • Make baby bundles. Include supplies like diapers, baby wipes and bottle. Donate them to a community agency.
  • With your troop or group, make a quilt to give to a woman and her newborn baby at a local hospital.
  • Collect toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrushes deodorants, shampoo, cobs, and hairbrushes and give them to a shelter that helps homeless women.

Your Story Edit

Think about where you will be when you are a grown-up. Create a time line for yourself like the one below. Write in your time line what you would like to do or to have happen in your future.

6get a dog named Sparky
7sell the most Girl Scout cookies
8join the soccer league
9learn to ride a horse
10learn to play the tuba
11make scenery for the school play
12get a baby-sitting job
13run for class president
14be goalie on the varsity soccer team
15get a summer job
16be a foreign-exchange student
17learn to drive a car
18go to school to be a marine biologist
19start a protect the wildlife awareness group
20help save dolphins & whales
21vote in an election
22travel to a distant land with Girl Scouts
23play a solo in a concert
24work with dolphins and whales
25have my own horse

Additional Resources Edit

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