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Daisy is the initial level of Girl Scouting. Named for Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low, they are in kindergarten and first grade (around ages 5–7). They typically meet in groups of ten girls with two adult leaders who help the girls plan activities to introduce them to Girl Scouts.

The Girl Scout Daisy Song[]

I'm a Girl Scout Daisy! Take a look at me.

I'm a Girl Scout Daisy, happy as can be.

We're having fun and sharing,

Each and every day.

I'm a Girl Scout Daisy,

Hip, Hip, Hurray!


The Daisy girls can either have a blue tunic or a vest and they each have a space on it to put their patches. If you have a tunic, the Flower Patch goes in the middle of the tunic with the troop # and the flag in the right side of it and the insignia tab with the World Trefoil Pin and the Girl Scout Daisy Pin on it in the left side. If you have a vest, the Flower Patch goes on the left side with the insignia tab and the pins, and the troop # and the flag on the right side.

Current Daisy badges[]

Promise Center




Other Awards[]