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The Flowers badge is part of the “Legacy” badge set introduced in 2011. It replaces the retired Plants and Animals badge. When a Girl Scout Junior has earned this badge, she will know all that's wonderful about flowers.

Activity #1: Uncover the science of one flower[]

If the weather is cooperative and you are in an area that has lots of different flowers, then the easiest thing to do for this part is to go on the flower hunt.  You will need magnifying glasses for each girl, as well as a notebook and pencil for sketching.

Activity #2: Look under the petals[]

This is more fun if it is hands on. Go to the supermarket or local produce store and buy one or two bouquets of flowers so that each girl can compare two that are similar. Have some fact sheets about these flowers printed for the girls to read.

They can compare the similarities and write them down in their notebook.

Activity #3: Find out how flowers help people[]

Girls can make no sew lavender sachets as one of the steps for earning the Junior Girl Scout Flowers badge.

Flowers not only help people emotionally, but they also help them physically as well.  Aloe vera helps in the healing of cuts and burns, chamomile is known for easing indigestion and insomnia and lavender helps us unwind and relive stress.

For this step, the girls can make no-sew lavender sachets.


  • White fabric squares cut to the size you feel is best
  • Sharpie markers
  • Lavender
  • This half-pound bag of lavender flowers is perfect for making the sachets with your girls. You can find it on Amazon.

Have the girls select two squares and create designs on each one.  When they are done drawing, place lavender in the center of the clean side. With a hot glue gun, used with adult supervision, they can glue them closed.

Activity #4: Have fun with flowers[]

Here is another step that lends itself well to crafts. Since your girls are older, you can do a more complicated flower craft. Here are some video tutorials on how to make different paper flowers.

Activity #5: Send a message in flower code[]

To keep expenses down instead of creating a corsage, why not have the girls make a boutonniere? Here is a video with easy directions.


  • One flower for each girl
  • Spring of leaves or baby’s breath
  • Floral tape
  • Large stick pin

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