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The Girl Scout Seniors are the fifth level of Girl Scouts. Ninth and tenth graders are in this level.

As a Senior (grades 9–10), she might:

  • Go on an adventure and travel to amazing places like Costa Rica, Japan, and India
  • Be a positive role model, mentor younger girls, develop strong friendships, and fight bullying
  • Join with other girls to tackle an important international issue and earn a Global Action award
  • Explore exciting careers in a variety of fields—from science to the arts, from education to government

And, of course, Seniors can earn their Gold Award, which adds that “little something extra” to college and scholarship applications.

Whether it’s enhancing school-based activities or helping girls make the most of community involvement, the opportunities open to Girl Scout Seniors are virtually unlimited!

Seniors are eager to spread their wings—and Girl Scouts helps them take flight.

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