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== One of the MANY great things that girl scouts do, is to complete 'fun' patches.  Fun patches are just that - fun.  They technically have no requirements, and you can purchase them through the council, or through a variety of websites - is a go to for us. When my girls do a fun patch, our troop implements some rules.  This isn't for everyone, but we really like this process.  We choose a patch, and then we choose 3 requirements to go with it.  One requirement must be a hands on activity, one must be education based, and the third can be whatever they wish.  Please peruse the list here and check out what we've done to earn our fun patches! ==

1.  Science Fun Patch []

2.  Card Making Fun Patch []

3.  Spa Party Fun Patch []

4.  Arts and Crafts Patch []

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