Caring and Sharing Brownie Try-It (retired)

Please add ways to customize the Caring and Sharing Try-it activities here, and include useful resources below.

As with all Brownie Try-its, scouts need to complete 4 activities to earn the badge.

Activity #1 I CareEdit

I may try using this activity over several meetings (or all year if the scouts are interested) as a get-to-know-you activity. Have the scouts pull names for their Secret Pal from a hat or bag. Set up a mailbox with a cardboard shoe organizer with a cubbie for each scout for their Secret Pal to put messages, swaps, and other small items in for them to find. The mailbox could also be a handy way to have scouts collect permission slips and other items to take home at the end of the meeting.

Activity #2 FavoritesEdit

Activity #3 What if?Edit

Good to do if one or more of the girls is having trouble with a friend. Help them act out different ways to help out someone who is crying, needs help with school work, etc.

Activity #4 Differences are OKEdit

Another good get-to-know-you activity to have the girls to pair off and interview each other, then tell the group about similarities and differences.

Activity #5 A Friends ScrapbookEdit

Activity #6 Be a Good NeighborEdit

Additional Resources Edit