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Bliss: Live It! is part of the "It's Your Story-Tell It!" series.

Basic Description[]

• A two-part Journey • Part 1 - Girls are encouraged to look at their dreams – where do they see

their lives going, what do they enjoy doing, how are they getting there o Discusses how your values and standards influences your dreams o Women who have accomplished their dreams are profiled o Has information on self-esteem and healthy living including recipes

• Part 2 – Leads girls through the steps of earning the Dream Maker Award o Includes ideas and stories

What do they earn and how do they earn them?[]

• The Dream Maker Award – the girls understand the bliss they can achieve by helping other with their dreams o There are four steps to completion

o Meet Successful Dreamers – interview others about their dreams o Seek and Select a Dreamer (or Dreamers) – find someone you can

help accomplish their dream o Define the dream – writing a plan to accomplish the dreamer’s

dream o Give It! Gift It! – giving over your plan to your dreamer

Possible Field Trips or Community Partners[]

• Places related to passions – art museums, theaters • Colleges – how to achieve career related dreams • Professionals in various fields

Additional Programming Ideas for Troop Meetings[]

• Find quiet places to dream – yoga, watching the clouds, meditation • Parts of this Journey might be good in a retreat setting

Other Thoughts or Helpful Hints[]

• This is written into 10 sample sessions • The green boxes throughout the Facilitator Guide have great additional

programming options • In the Journey section of the Girl Scout website, you will find additional

resources to help you.