Please add ways to customize the All in the Family Try-it activities here, and include useful resources below.

As with all older Brownie Try-its, scouts need to complete 4 activities to earn the badge.

Activity #1: Where Are You from? Edit

Interview your parents and create a basic family tree.

Use a map and color in the state or country where each person was born.

Activity #2: Say Cheese Edit

Draw or take pictures of your family members.

Caption each of your pictures

Activity #3: Coupon Collection Edit

Activity #4: Birthday Countdown Edit

Create a birthday chain for each person in your family.

You will need paper strips for each day from the day you begin till the person's birthday.

Staple or glue each strip as you create the chain so that links are created.

Tear off each link as the day ends.

Activity #5: Family Fitness Edit

Have a family exercise day - complete two-three activities

Here are some ideas:

Ride your bikes

Go to the park and play

Learn some new stretches and practice them

Go for a walk

Play an outdoor game

Activity #6 Make a Family Time Capsule Edit

Use a glass jar, tin, or other non-biodegradable container.

Collect 1 - 2 items per person in your family. These can be favorite items or something that reminds you of something that your family did during that year.

Place the items in the container and put it away for 1 year. (Usually time capsuls are buried but that isn't necessary for this badge.)

Bring it out a year from the day you put it away and share the memories. This can be a great family tradition.

Additional Resources Edit